Following are various projects I have worked on professionally, as well as some created during my academic career at Georgia Tech. Click on any link for more information on the project and, if applicable, a download.

  • I was one of two programmers working on Growums Academy, the iOS puzzle game, from start to finish.
  • I helped implement a recent update to Legends of Ooo, a dialog-driven adventure game for iPhones and iPads.
  • Saudade is a first-person horror game created for Global Game Jam 2013.
  • I was lead programmer for Ellis Island, an online game currently being developed by the Emergent Game Group at Georgia Tech.
  • Vector Guardian is an arcade-style action game I created in Unity. Source code also available.
  • Sacrifi<3, an award-winning platformer created for Global Game Jam 2012. Source code available.
  • Out of Sight is a short story game programmed from scratch in C for the Game Boy Advance.
  • When Can I Get It is a design for a mobile phone personal savings application created and prototyped in a group of 5.

Curious for more? You can read the messy details of my latest work on the blog.