Cartoon Network Anything

During the second half of 2014, I collaborated with Jeff MacDonald of Tiny Monster Studios to create content for Cartoon Network Anything. CN Anything is an app for iOS and Android devices that presents users with a variety of bite-sized activities, videos, trivia, and games based on characters and shows from Cartoon Network. I designed, implemented, and iterated 15 unique games for this app. I also managed the contributions of two contract programmers that we brought onboard to help satisfy the client’s desired schedule.

Adventure Time - Artifact Spin Uncle Grandpa - Pinball Clarence - Navigator Teen Titans Go - Bouncing Starbolt Steven Universe - Puma Dodge The Amazing World of Gumball - Ocho Lasers Teen Titans Go - Meditate Steven Universe - Creature Attack Adventure Time - Fionna Bounce

Our creative goal was to create intuitive, challenging, and replayable games that capture the spirit of Cartoon Network’s shows. We built these games using the CreateJS framework in JavaScript. This web-based approach allowed us to rapidly iterate in desktop browsers and use the same code and asset bundles across iOS and Android devices.

If you’d like to learn more about Cartoon Network Anything, you can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

CN Anything in the Apple App Store
CN Anything on Google Play
CN Anything on Amazon