Growums Academy

Growums Academy (released December 2013) is a puzzle game for iPhones and iPads created by Crystal Fish Entertainment in coordination with Growums. In this game, players must guide seedlings around obstacles in a garden to reach their proper plot in as few moves as possible. Growums Academy features high-resolution graphics for 4″ iPhones and iPad Retina displays, 40 hand-made levels, fully animated cutscenes, and an original musical score.

I was one of two programmers working on this project and devoted most of my time towards implementation of the user interface and special effects. We built this game using the Cocos2d-x game engine in C++. It also has the honor of being the first commercial game I developed from start to completion. Growums Academy has been a modest success so far, but I’m extremely proud of the whole team’s efforts in bringing it together.

Growums Screenshot

Growums Academy is available for purchase in the iTunes App Store.