A screenshot from Sacrifice. A diminutive Aztec man flees from a colorful flying serpent.

Play Sacrifi<3 right now!

Sacrifi<3 (or “Sacrifice”) is a game I worked on for the SCAD-Atlanta Global Game Jam in January 2012. This is a platformer created in 48 hours that blends 2D and 3D artwork with simple “run right until you die” gameplay. It was one of two projects to win the “finalist” award out of the 32 games created during that weekend.

Sacrifi<3 was created using the Unity3D engine. During this project, I prototyped different game mechanics (including a rejected “wheel snake” prototype) and ultimately implemented the player control. I also developed a simple 2D animation library to display different poses for the player character by adjusting the texture offset. (No such support for 2D sprite animation exists in Unity by default) While I still feel the game is far from perfect, it was a thrill to work with such talented developers, designers, and artists in a high-intensity environment.

For more information about Sacrifi<3, visit our Game Jam page or our development blog from the weekend of the game jam. You can also download the source code. Keep in mind that the time constraints surrounding the development of this project led us to focus on rapid prototyping rather than extremely clean code. If you’re in the mood to check out another cool game jam project, check out Pangu, the other winner from the SCAD-Atlanta site.